Getting on the Highways

Here’s a link to a 1990 essay I wrote about the birth of Highways Performance Space for the University of Kansas Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism. Highways is a performance art space in Santa Monica, Calif., that I founded with artist Tim Miller in 1989. This story is full of idealism and highflown rhetoric about how we were going to change the world. And, in some little ways, we did. I left in 1993, but Highways still thrives at the 18th Street Arts Center. Long may she wave.

Everybody say Hallelujah

hallgraphicHere’s a link to “Everybody Say Hallelujah,” my commentary on the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange community performance¬† initiative of 1998-2002, as published on the Community Arts Network. I spent some time following this multiyear, nationwide initiative and writing about it. This suite of articles should be of use to anyone interested in Lerman’s work or anyone working with community engagement. It’s a virtual how-to.

Citizen Artist online


Here’s a link to the entire contents of “The Citizen Artist: 20 Years of Art in the Public Arena: An Anthology from High Performance Magazine 1978-1998.” It was edited by Steven Durland and myself, and published in May 1998 by Critical Press (New York) for their series “Thinking Publically: The New Era of Public Art.” It’s located in the archive of the Community Arts Network. The paperback book is for sale on Amazon.

Linda’s list of artspaces in So Cal 1975-1988

I was asked to create this list for something that never happened, but I thought I’d post it here for people who might be interested. Most of the info came from High Performance magazine. Names in parentheses are those of the founders, as far as I know. Pardon mistakes and omissions. Let me hear about additions, corrections. -LFB, 8/2014

Artspaces/performance spaces/alternative spaces — run by artists

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