Today I started on my 2012 resolution: buy local. This isn’t about PC food rules, it’s about making sure as much of my spending money as possible goes into the economy of our little village and surrounding farms. I bought all our food for the next week from our local Saxapahaw General Store (formerly a convenience store and gas station). After following them for more than a year, I trust that they are doing their best to sell the best local produce, meat and other products. If I need something that isn’t made locally, I buy it there anyway so they get the profit rather than Costco or WalMart. I know that my $77 is going to Cane Creek Farm, the Accidental Baker, the Chapel Hill Creamery, and the local farmers that grow the cilantro, green onions, kale and spinach that will be on our table this week. And it’s going to Cameron and Jeff and all the other hardworking people that have made the General Store a place we can buy this great stuff without having to drive to another town.


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