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CETACETA and the Arts: Analyzing the Results of a Groundbreaking Federal Job Program Edited by Linda Frye Burnham and designed by Steven Durland This e-book contains crucial details about the most significant jobs program affecting artists in the past 70 years: CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act), a federal employment program active from1973 to 1981. The information in this book adds vital fuel to the current debate around the economic crisis and its impact on the arts.

23 Questions From Teachers that Artists Can Answer23 Questions from Teachers that Artists Can Help Answer By Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland and featuring essays by Linda Frye Burnham, Chrissie Orr and Carol Ng-He This collection of articles is for teachers who would like to explore working with artists in their school classrooms. It addresses intriguing problems teachers are grappling with and matches them with the special skills and innovative problem-solving that artists use in their work every day. 

Dear M CoverDear M: Letters from Japan, 1968-69 By Linda Frye Burnham This is a book of mine chronicling the adventures of me, my children and my first husband, John Burnham, when we lived in Japan during the Vietnam War. The kids were 1, 2 and 4 when we got there; I was 27. I wrote almost daily to my friend Mary in California, telling these stories. She saved them. Every word is true

CETA and the Arts IICETA and the Arts II: Fifteen Case Studies Edited by Linda Frye Burnham and designed by Steven Durland This book is a supplement to the eBook “CETA and the Arts: Analyzing the Results of a Groundbreaking Federal Job Program.” It features 15 detailed case studies from a report prepared for the U.S. Department of Labor in 1981.Those 15 studies were summarized in the first book. The text has been digitized and is fully searchable. Available from the Kindle Store at Amazon for $2.99. Also visit the project’s Facebook page to comment. Published by Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland. 

Making Exact Change: How U.S. arts-based programs have made significant and sustained impact on their communities A Report from the Community Arts Network by William Cleveland. Edited by Linda Frye Burnham and designed by Steven Durland for Art in the Public Interest. For this book, Art in the Public Interest selected ten outstanding U.S arts-based community programs and asked them how they define and measure their own success: What helped them make change in their communities leading to the long-term advancement of human dignity, health and/or productivity? What issues, conditions and problems held them back? 

How to Access an E-book

Q: How can I get your e-books? I don’t have Kindle, or the others you mention, and I don’t know how to use iTunes or Smashwords. I DO have a Mac computer but I don’t know about the book features. Help!

A: If you visit the Kindle Store on Amazon you can download a free Kindle Reader app for your Mac or Windows computer, or even for your iPhone or iPad that will let you read Kindle books. You can also now access the new free Kindle Cloud Reader that will let you read Kindle books instantly using only your web browser – online or offline – with no downloading or installation required. (So far, the Cloud Reader only works with some browsers.)

You can also get the book through the iTunes store using your Mac iTunes software. That version can be read with Apple’s free eBook Reader for iPhone or iPad. Finally, if you visit the Smashwords store they also sell the book in a PDF format that you can read from any computer and download to print.