23 Questions from Teachers that Artists Can Help Answer and Other Essays

23 Questions from Teachers that Artists Can Help AnswerBy Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland and featuring essays by Linda Frye Burnham, Chrissie Orr and Carol Ng-He

This collection of articles is for teachers who would like to explore working with artists in their school classrooms. It begins with “23 Questions from Teachers that Artists Can Help Answer,” which addresses intriguing problems teachers are grappling with and matches them with the special skills and innovative problem-solving that artists use in their work every day.

“23 Questions” is followed by three gripping stories about artists working in schools, conducting programs that integrate beautifully with existing curriculum and meet state education standards. Published by Linda Frye Burnham and Steven Durland.

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Table of Contents


23 Questions from Teachers that Artists Can Help Answer
By Linda Frye Burnham
Artists are working with teachers to tackle the “tough-nut” questions they are facing. Here are some of those questions, based on needs of teachers in education-reform projects.

They Won’t Dance, Don’t Ask Them
By Linda Frye Burnham
Choreographer Celeste Miller engages problem students by using dance in a Natural History class.

Catching Magic in the Los Padillas Water Catchment Project
By Chrissie Orr
Visual artist Chrissie Orr inspires elementary-school students to design a water catchment systm in the arid Rio Grand Valley.

Exploring Cultural Understanding along the Silk Road
By Carol Ng-He
As a creative response to the attacks of 9/11, two theater artists of Syrian and Pakistani ancestry take Chicago Public Schools students on a cultural journey across Asia.

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