braqueThere is only one thing in art that counts:
the thing one can’t explain.
It’s precisely what one cannot talk about.

Picasso and I
have said things to one another
that no one will ever say again,
We have been a pair of climbers
roped together.
We’ve had difficulty recognizing our own pictures.
And then, later, with deeper revelations,
differences appeared.

The relationship between a man and what he does:
that’s what is good
and touches us.
It is a matter of rapports, of rhythm
and of  metamorphosis.

You see,
I’ve made a great discovery.
I no longer have belief in anything.
Objects don’t exist for me
except as a rapport exists between them
or between them and myself.

I no longer need the sun,
I take my light with me.


From the words of Georges Braque
Linda Frye Burnham 2011


“Leaves after Braque,” woodland banner by Steven Durland

Georges Braque, "Duo for Flute" (1911)

Georges Braque, “Duo for Flute” (1911)

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