Making Exact Change: How U.S. arts-based programs have made a significant and sustained impact on their communities

By William Cleveland. Edited by Linda Frye Burnham and designed by Steven Durland for Art in the Public Interest.


For this book, Art in the Public Interest selected ten outstanding U.S arts-based community programs and asked them how they define and measure their own success: What helped them make change in their communities leading to the long-term advancement of human dignity, health and/or productivity? What issues, conditions and problems held them back? In Making Exact Change, author William Cleveland, director of the Center for the Study of Art & Community, analyzes their responses and presents findings about the best practices and most stubborn obstacles in this work. He also makes strategic recommendations to service organizations and funders on how best to support and advance the field of community arts in the future.

Available as an eBook from Barnes & Noble Nook.  Also available in paper from Amazon and Lulu.

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