Being a sex symbol is a heavy load
when you’re tired and hurt,
They treat you like a machine.
They’ll pay you for a kiss  —
a thousand dollars.
And a nickel for your soul.

I just hate to be a thing.
I want to be wonderful.
I’m trying to prove
that I’m a person.
All I demand is
my right to twinkle.

Fame will go by
and, so long, I’ve had you, fame.
I always knew that you were fickle,
but that’s not where I live.

I guess I am a fantasy.
But I have feelings too.
I am still human.
And I know from life that
one can’t love another,

What do I wear in bed?
Chanel No. 5,
of course.


                                    From the words of Marilyn Monroe









Linda Frye Burnham, 2012

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