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My favorite artists

My favorite “Trans-artist”: Nick Cave

Nick Cave is a “trans-artist” who works in fabric, sculpture, dance and performance art. He builds and performs in “soundsuits”┬ámade of twigs, dyed human hair, sisal, plastic buttons, beads, sequins, feathers found knitwear. He also exhibits them as sculptures. He is the chair of the Fashion Department at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. He went to Kansas City Art Institute and Cranbrook, and studied with Alvin Ailey. Of his work, he says, “I personally am working toward what I am leaving behind.” Here you can see a nice gallery of his work and there are some great videos on Youtube.


Colin Quashie

Colin Quashie kills me. His politically charged conceptual art is piercing – and often funny as hell. He’s an African-American (born in England) who lives and works in South Carolina. Here’s something from his online bio:

Quashie’s artworks face off against hard to handle issues of culture, politics, and race with a self-conscious awareness that often offends (or at least disturbs) blacks, whites and “others”; he discriminates with equality and equanimity.

Here are two images from his recent work. The first is a double portrait from his “Out of Bondage” series, based on photos and narratives of former slaves. So riveting. The second is one of his coloring books, which, like the “O.J. Coloring Book,” pokes directly at the stuff nobody wants to talk about. Certainly not in South Carolina. I heartily recommend reading his “F.A.Q.” under “Art info” where he talks about why he doesn’t sell art. He has a website, a blog on BlogSpot and a Facebook page. He also writes comedy for television.

Out of Bondage

Out of Bondage: The Domestics


The Plantation Coloring & Activity Book

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